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CustomFuze Volleyball Products

Custom Fuze is a division of avbSPORTS. They are experts at designing & manufacturing volleyball specific products, simplifying the supply chain and relentlessly serving customers. Already setting new industry standards with Performance Promise™, Custom Fuze is strongly positioned to be a brand leader in the volleyball gear

Web Design


Custom Fuze primary focus is to Launch the first version of there website using WordPress to get customers excited about the brand and build awareness, The company wanted a sleek, clean functional website that explains to its customers what they are capable of.
They needed a visual designer, that can deliver an e-commerce website but make it stand out with some of today’s latest technology, trends, and features.


The largest challenge going into this project for our team was to figure out what is important for the first version of the website and what we’re trying to accomplish, we started with deciding on the platform for the website, then we started to look at of competitors websites and what they offer and we quickly saw a big difference is our vision and our competitors, our vision was to give our customers a lookbook quick and easily and have them call us for details or place your order through our app. the first stage was to build wireframes of desktop view and mobile view, make changes until we settled on one version, then we decided on the informational architecture of the website so the user can easily navigate the website. The main goal was to give the end-users what they need while introducing the new brand to the world.

  • Date

    March 26, 2019

  • Skills

    Web Design, UI/UX

  • Client


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