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Impressions vs. Reach What should your business focus on?

96 Creative Labs Team - January 26, 2019 - 0 comments

When looking at your business performance there are two terms that stand out on every social media platform, reach and impressions.

What is Reach:  Reach is the number of people your post, ad reaches, for example, one of the ads you run has 1000 user click which means you reach 1000 people, and they engage with your Ad.

What are Impressions: Impressions are the total number of times social media browsers have been showed your content. Impressions are different than reach because it doesn’t count people who click or engage with your content, just those who are exposed to it. If your ad was displayed 200 times your impressions would be 200.

Which is more important to your business?

When deciding which metric is more important to track,  think about your business goals. If your confused and need some help getting your business some awareness, reach out to us were always here to help

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