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5 issues causing your website not to convert more visitors in 2020

96 Creative Labs Team - January 7, 2020 - 0 comments

5 issues causing your website not to convert more visitors in 2020

One of the most important factors is your companies website. For every customer that visits your website for the first time, this is the first impression they will receive from your company. Below i will list 5 issues causing your website not to convert more visitors.

What they see on your website and how easy it is to navigate your website can mean the difference between converting them to customers or losing them.


1. Your Website looks dated

If your bounce rate is fairly high, it could mean that visitors just don’t like the look of your website. Maybe it is outdated, hard to navigate, or information is difficult to find.

Look at your website from a visitor standpoint and try to buy or find information on your website using a mobile device, see a simple task on your website that your visitors and see if it’s simple and easy user experience.


2. No Call to Action Buttons

Your website could be user-friendly with quality content and looks amazing, but without any clear call-to-action buttons, you simply won’t convert many visitors. You need to offer visitors compelling content and a reason to want to follow the call-to-action, which must also be visible on all devices.


3. Your website is not mobile responsive

If your website isn’t available in a responsive mobile design, you are behind the times. Currently, over 90% of Internet access and website browsing is done via mobile devices. Failure to have a version of your website that has been designed specifically for mobile viewing would mean marginalizing a substantial portion of your customer base and, in turn, decreasing your conversion rate.


kckalabsh mobile4. Poor web hosting = Slow Site

It’s the end of 2019—consumers expect everything fast, fast, fast! And that includes your website. Every second count on a website—60 % of your visitors will leave your site if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. we offer full hosting and maintenance here


5. Your website color Scheme is too much. 

Colors are one of the first things the eyes perceive, choosing a balanced color scheme for your website is very important because your company logo or corporate identity colors should match your website colors look and feel to keep with brand guidelines. We help companies change and update their brand colors.

color scheme

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